ARC Programs is guided by our mission to provide excellent support, prevention, intervention, treatment, and rehabilitative services, for children, youth, individuals and families in the communities of the Interior Region of BC. ARC Programs provides a continuum of residential and community-based intervention, support, and treatment programs for families caring for children/youth with special needs, FASD or mental health disorders, or substance misuse. The programs have been developed to serve high-risk youth with specific needs such as:
· Youth which have experienced significant life difficulties such as: physical or sexual abuse, family breakdown or alienation, family violence, severe trauma, etc.
· Youth which have significant barriers to healthy functioning such as: FASD, mental health issues or disorders, ADHD, severe emotional disturbance, etc.
· Youth which have demonstrated significant behavioural difficulties such as: criminal behaviour, substance misuse, aggressive or violent behaviour, sexually intrusive behaviour, sexual exploitation, school suspension or drop out, severe parent-teen conflict, multiple placement breakdowns, street involvement, social isolation, etc.
· ARC Programs has achieved accreditation of our programs by the Rehabilitation Accreditation Commission (CARF). As a leader in the accreditation process, ARC Programs has been accredited for specific services since 1996 and is currently accredited for the following types of services: Case Management/Services Coordination (Children and Adolescents) Case Management/Services Coordination ((Juvenile Justice)Counselling (Children and Adolescents); Group Home Care (Children and Adolescents) Prevention/Diversion (Children and Adolescents); Specialized or Treatment Foster Care (Juvenile Justice) Support and Facilitation (Children and Adolescents); Supported Independent Living (Children and Adolescents)

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